Friday, February 19, 2010

I learned how to make mini books, yeah!

I have had the Bind It All machine for about 2 years now and finally found a place on line that offers classes. So, I have been taking the BIA 101 class and am having a blast! This is the first of several mini books. It measures 4x4. This one has an acrylic cover and the inner pages have all kinds of fun stuff like flap, pockets, insert slots, all sorts of fun things. I think the hardest part about paper crafting is choosing the right papers and embellishments so that each element has its own personality without it looking "cookie cutter" page after page. Hope you enjoy this Friendship book. I have a very special one I'm working on tonight and have a third one to finish this weekend so I better crack the whip and get creating, lol. One last thing if you would like to learn how to do this, check out My Creative Classroom they have all sorts of fun crafting classes and wonderful videos of different techniques taught by professionals.