Friday, April 9, 2010

Cricut cakes before Expression.

Long before ProvoCraft came out with their latest "toy" I was already using my Cricut for all sorts of cake decorating. The previous post had to do with Baby Einstein. I had cut the animal characters out of cardstock and then hand trimmed the fondant by hand with a knife. Mattie was so happy with that cake for his 3rd Birthday so for #4 he wanted a Mickey Cake. I tried my hand at the topsy turvy or Mad Hatter cake. Only problem was that while we were transporting the cake Fran kept tipping the cake thinking it was falling when in reality it was straight. By the time we got there the back layer broke away and Mattie was devastated! Never fear, I threw some M&M's in the hole and exclaimed "it worked, my 1st exploding cake!" From now on Mattie wants his to be the only exploding cake which is fine by me, lol. This time I used cardstock for the characters. With this new machine it can all be done out of fondant at the touch of a button. I ask you, how cool is that!!!

Cricut Cake, Oh My!!!!

I love making cakes as many of you know. I also have a particular grandson who is obsessed with cakes, not the taste mind you but the designs! He also is fascinated by my cricut machine. So you can imagine my excitement that Provo Craft has introduced a cricut machine that is food safe And uses all my cartridges! Can you just imagine the possibilities, I can.