Sunday, March 2, 2014

Samantha Goes To The Oscar's

     I just love this time of year. Sometimes the hosts are not very good while other times they put on quite a show themselves. For me, I just love looking at the fashions. What was truly elegant, worthy of the throw back to the golden age of Hollywood when women had a more regal presence. They didn't have to show a lot of skin, just a beautiful design with gorgeous fabric and a hairstyle truly fit for a Queen.
     I have been busy this last month completing a Design Academy course for dolls. Specifically for the 18" dolls like the American Girl dolls. This was an intensive course meeting 3 times a week and even included homework. We also had to complete a final project if we chose to.
     Why take this course? Well, I wanted to make original items in limited quantities that are well made and would be something unique,  not the mass produced items you find in the stores or the cheaply Made in China brands. In the course I learned how to look at clothing, pick out details, find appropriate fabric and accessories and then, to reproduce a similar design with a pattern I made myself from a basic sloper. This all seemed daunting at the time. I had some vintage lace and decided to jump right in. Here is Samantha for her final fitting:

     Here is the inspiration I had for my final project:

     I loved the lace overlay and also the button closure in the back. However if I were to make this to sell in my Etsy store I would have a zipper closure to make it easier for smaller fingers and also do a full tank bodice with the lace overlay so that it would be more durable for hours of play.
     So here is my final project modeled by Samantha. I think this would be something a young lady would wear to the Oscar parties but would also serve as a flower girl or First Communion dress. Tell me what you think I would love to hear if you love the Academy Awards as much as I do!