Friday, May 3, 2013

A Glittery Feathered Friend

      photo zebraampcricutcircle-2.png
     Good morning from the Cricut Diva Mary! I trust you are finally enjoying some Springtime weather. I didn't think Winter would ever end, lol. Today a have a wonderful card to share with you using the French Manor cartridge and my Expression machine. I used the Cricut Craft Room to design this card for my Mom's 88th birthday. She loves birds so I thought I'd make a real fancy one: a peacock.

 I used the peacock image cut @ 4" from page 46 in the booklet and then inked the edges a bit. I cut the layer 2 times. One was cut using blue, the other in green. I like to ink my edges while it is still on the mat. It makes it easier to ink all edges with the paper still around the image. I remove the excess card stock after it is inked.

The base is from the same cart but on page 35 with the feature Card 2. I cut it @ 5.50". I used CCR in order to make sure the peacock fit in the frame. CCR is an awesome program. Even though I have the Gypsy, I like the fact that it is on a larger screen in the CCR, so it is easier to see that your placement is correct. I do use the mat feature so the card is on one layer and I just go to my second mat for the Peacock.

Cricut Diva Peacock Card 007

     After building the layers, it was now time to decorate it up. This is nice but not outstanding, yet. Just a tip for you: when gluing small pieces like the feather tips, I use a quickie glue pen by Sakura. It has a ball point tip so it is easy to apply the glue without getting it all over the place.


     Can you tell I love Liquid Pearls and Stickles? Now this peacock is styling!!! I also added a bow from 3girlsjam, some pearls and an angel stick pin from Pinque Peacock Shop. Be on the lookout for a wreath for Mom following this same theme.
     I hope you have enjoyed my card today. I have already given this to my Mom and I am happy to report she loved it!!!!