Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Special Birthday Gift

Pinque Peacock   

    How are all my Pinquettes doing today? I am so excited to share a very special project with you today. First I would like to give you a little background. My friend Beth and I became friends through 2 of our children back when they were just starting school. We became very close friends particularly since our daughters had major health issues that required frequent trips to Boston for their individual treatments. Her friends and mine became friends as well and, every month we would get together for breakfast. Mommy time, lol.
     Sadly, one friend succumbed to Breast Cancer and another struggled with Bone Cancer as well as Breast Cancer and eventually moved away. However, the bond between Beth and I continued to grow stronger. We have been through a lot together with enough happy and sad times to last a life time.
     One thing we vowed was to never forget  Linda, the friend we lost. On one of my birthdays, Beth presented me with a silver ball. She had it engraved with the year we met and also included our names on each side. It opens to allow you to slip a gift inside. Sometimes we add candy, other times a gift certificate to our favorite place: Dunkin Donuts. We try to always add a little something different. Alas, it was missing for several years when Beth's husband died and she had to move.
     This year however, Beth found it and gave it back to me for Christmas. Only special friends could really appreciate what this meant to me. Anyways, now that it was back in my possession, I decided that since she had gone to all the trouble to polish it up, the least I could do was to fresh it up further with some new decorations. The Pinque Peacock stick pins and buttons and 3 Girl Jam ribbon would be just what I needed for an elegant touch.
     This burgundy tassel on top has certainly seen better days! The 3 Girl Jam ribbon along with a button and angel stick pin from the March Release were exactly what I was looking for.
     First I took some Prima flowers I had and made a bow out of the luscious ribbon and sewed the Pinque Peacock button in the middle. I used a ribbon to tie it to the top of the ball. I added the stick pin to the flower and stuck it through the flowers.

     I also bent the long end of the stick pin over and added a fairy charm to the end. Now our silver keepsake ball not only has our names engraved on it, but, we also have our angel Linda watching over us.
     If you haven't tried any of the Pinque Peacock products yet, then, what are you waiting for? As you can see they are so versatile even if you do not make cards or scrapbooks they are perfect for all sorts of projects. You can purchase them HERE .
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