Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wedding Flowers

     I have been super busy with projects at home as well as wedding consults at work. Thankfully all the brides I have been working with have been wonderful to work with. No bridezillas at all. ( Believe me that's amazing!!!)
     I had the honor of designing the wedding flowers for an amazing young woman I have known for years since she danced with my daughters. I thought I would share these since the colors were so vibrant and there were some touches that are kind of a signature of mine.
      The above picture is the brides bouquet. She wanted all white with roses but one of her bridesmaids reminded her that she had also mentioned callas. These white callas are just the greatest to work with. They are the perfect size and shape and this particular grower is outstanding. It has taken us literally years to find the right source for these. We are VERY picky about our wedding flowers. They may be just for the day but the pictures last a life time.
      The bridesmaids were wearing all black and the bride wanted hot pink and a nice mix. These roses were the perfect shade of hot pink and they had a wonderful fragrance. If you have noticed that the roses today are not quite as fragrant as in years past you are correct. Although they have come up with different colors and varieties (including a chocolate colored one, lol) they have sacrificed fragrance in the meantime. That is why I was so pleasantly surprised when I was putting these bouquets together at the wonderful aroma they had. The pale pink flower is alstromeria or "peruvian lily". It does not have a fragrance but is so long lasting. It last as long as a carnation.
      She decided to use real flowers on hair combs for the Maid of Honor as well as the bridesmaids. The small pink flowers are waxflower with a delicate scent of its own.
      I also added some waxflower to her bouquet for a little color. The signature I like to use in my wedding work is the heart made of bear grass. I use it in the brides bouquet, grooms boutonniere ( his was a single calla) and, in this case the Mother of the bride and the Mother of the groom. They carried a small bouquet of 3 white roses with a little greenery.
      This is the hair comb the bride will wear with white dendrobium orchids. I love to use these orchids for hair adornments because they are sturdy and long lasting and hold up so well in hot weather.
     Last but not least is the small white rose pin on corsage which all 4 of the garndmothers will receive at the wedding. It amazes me that it is rare to have grandfathers, sometimes even just one, still alive to see their grandchildren wed. We know they are there in spirit. Hope you enjoyed this look into this special wedding.
     Congrats Kim and Matt!