Friday, September 23, 2011

New Classes

     Ok so it's fall and that means back to class. I love taking classes on line @ My Creative Classroom. This session I decided to learn how to make different types of flowers using useful materials. These products include duct tape, grunge board, leather and denim. There is even flowers made out of soda cans and some with wire!
     See if you can guess what these are made from!

     I'm off to make some more!
     Hope you all have a great week end. Hugs!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Tale About A Dolphin

     I have seen the movie clips about the new movie Dolphin Tales and can't wait until it opens in theaters September 23, 2011! My husband and I had the wonderful experience of seeing "Winter" in person. In case you didn't know the dolphin in the movie is a real life story about this mammal that was injured in a boating accident. His name is Winter.
     One of the advantages of living in Florida is some of the amazing summer camps they have for the kids. My grand daughter Alexis attended a came at the Clearwater Aquarium in 2010.
     This is a wonderful rescue center for injured sea life that may never survive without the caring staff at this aquarium. Alexis was so excited to show us Winter and tell us all about the things she learned there that we just had to make the trip!
     Well, the day we were there they just happened to be filming parts of the movie! As we walked around, we learned about the turtle whose shell was cracked, got to feed the sting rays and finally made our way over to the tank to see the famous "Winter".
     Here he is! This is the best picture I have of this dolphin because believe it or not, he swarm pretty fast around that tank. (It was also before I got my new camera, lol).
     We noticed they had all the prosthetics laid out near the pool where Winter was.
Here's a close up of his new "fin". It was quite amazing to see.
You can learn more about Winters' story here:
      I see I have a new follower, welcome Renee! I have some family "stuff" going on right now but I just have to make these pictures into a book so I can send the to the Florida grandchildren so they have it around the time the movie comes out! I'll show you the album as soon as I am finished! ( I hope its before they decide to make a sequel, lol!!!)