Saturday, May 21, 2011

My First Ever Award!

    Thank You Audrey!!!  I love my virtual friends. I love how easy it is to share a common love (crafting) and be able to share it with people (new friends) who have the same passion about what they do! What a wonderful world this internet thing is, lol.
     Anyways, my new friend Audrey just passed on this award to me. She does fabulous craft projects, not just paper crafting but sewing, soap making etc. and is so willing to share all her talents. I love reading her blog and seeing all her creative endeavors. You can find her here: In order to accept this award you have to write 5 things about about yourself and cricut. So here goes:
     1. I have always done some sort of crafting or hobby from painting, to sewing all sorts of things, stenciling, and flower arranging.
     2. Two of my daughters gave me my first cricut for Christmas 2009. What an addict they have enabled their mother to become, lol.
     3. I currently own the baby bug, expression, Imagine, gypsy, design studio, Yudu (which these same 2 daughters bought me this past Christmas!), Your Story(small version), cuttlebug and the Yudu Cardshop which I won thru the ProvoCraft/HSN launch with my winning card design. I can't even begin to count the numbers of cartridges and embossing folders I have. Now i am adding imagine carts to the list, lol.
     4. I love taking on line classes to expand my creative knowledge and keep my work fresh and new ( at least new to me).
     5. I have 5 children and 8 grandchildren who all seem to enjoy being creative. they LOVE to go into my craft room and go through the Cricut carts and books. I hope they are inspired by what I do as well as they inspire me. My only wish is that there would be more hours in the day to complete all the projects in my head!!!
     I also must pass this award along to 5 other people. These people have been such an inspiration to me. If you do not follow these talented people then please do, they are well worth following.
     1.Elizabeth @ 217 creations who has great tutorials
     2. Diane Campbell Payne @ Capadia Designs who has fabulous tutorials on Design Studio and gypsy projects
     3.Enfys @ Going Buggy. Her work is fantastic and her sense of humor is unmatched. You never know what life is like until you hear her prospective!
     4.Laurie @ Hiding In My Craft Room. Amazing woman with a bunch of kids and a husband who dedicates his life to serving our country. Really cute cricut projects
     5.The inspirational Monique @ Monkey Doodle Cricut. She is an inspiration personally as well as creatively. Monique designs the most fabulous layouts I've ever seen. She also has great guest designers. If I ever get past making cards I hope to do some lay outs half as good as hers. She also sells kits for these LO's.
     I have been working on a Nautical wedding invitation but I can't share just yet. First, my Imagine acted up so I am awaiting my replacement machine to be shipped. Secondly, I am going on vacation for the Memorial Day holiday and thirdly I cannot give you even a sneak peek until they are mailed out. I don't think it would be fair to debut them before the guests receive theirs. Just saying!!!