Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lollipop Bouquet

Today I attended Mia's 1st "dance" recital I'll use the term loosely since she had a little case of stage fright! At least she moved one foot, a little, at the finale. Oops! Anyways, since she got flowers and a candy bouquet after the recital , maybe next time she'll show us a few of her 3 year old moves!! Since she really has a sweet tooth, Mema (me) thought she should have a lollipop bouquet. I made it with dum dum pops. First I used various size spellbinder round scallop shapes cut out of plum tulle, larger size white tulle + pink paper then the largest circle of 2 pieces pink paper and finally 2 pieces green paper. After cutting all materials you will cut a small slit in the tulle and then slip the pops in the center. I then wrapped a pipe cleaner around the stem to secure the tulle and pop and wrapped in white floral tape. You will need 10 pop flowers that you proceed to form into a bouquet. Next I used a 6" plastic dowel (the kind you use for stacking cakes) and stuffed the "bouquet ends into the dowel. This is when you add the 2 pink circles and then the 2 green circles from the bottom of the dowel to just below the lollipop flowers and secure with white floral tape. To finish off you add a sheer bow to the base of the "flowers" and glue small metallic ribbon loops among the Flowers. Wrap ribbon around dowel and secure with a glue dot. Be prepared for smiles and giggles! I hope you'll try this technique as it is reaaly simple to make. Enjoy, Mary.


StampOwl said...

oh this is adorable

Christine said...

i love this one

Renee said...

oh my god mia is adorable! and the bouquet is gorgeous :-) such a great idea