Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reindeer Dust

Every year we have a tradition of feeding Santas reindeer with Magical Reindeer Dust. All the kids grab a bag of the deer food (oatmeal, glitter and sugar) and sprinkle it on the lawn. The idea is that the reindeer will spot the glitter sparkling in the moonlit and will guide Santas sleigh to your door. We add a slight twist to it. While the children are sprinkling the dust, Christmas elves leave a bag on the front door step with Christmas Pj's and a book! Its great to see how quickly they all get in their pajamas because it means its time for bed and Santa will be coming soon. Thanks to my daughter Joelle's mother-in-law Judy, we now have bracelets with bells so if the reindeer don't see the food they will hear the balls. Cute huh! In keeping with my goal to do some page layouts this year, the pics are of our Magical Dust, enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

love this ...nice job.. deb