Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hurricane Irene

     Well we survived but had been without power for 2 days. Unfortunately one of my daughters, her husband and their 3 children, just had their power restored this morning. Just a few pointers: make sure everything is turned off when the power goes out. They had been making pancakes when they lost power and left the pan on the burner to keep the last few pancakes warm while they finished eating. The last 5 days they have been in and out at our house or the in laws so never gave the stove a second thought.
     Well, you guessed it, the power came back on (my daughter was home at the time, Thank God) when she smelled something burning. It was the oily fry pan! Can you imagine what would have happened if she had not gone home? I shutter to think.
     I swear I must have ADD because I just can not sit without something to do, hurricane or not! We are so used to losing our power that I had planned ahead to do projects that did not require electricity. My husband was making sure the generator was working, My daughter is home from Hawaii for a three week visit, so she was catching up on some much needed sleep, so I pulled out some ribbon, scissors and pipe cleaners and made:
     There are 20 of them for a wedding we attending this week end. It's one of those projects that are time consuming but a great job to do when you have no place to go and nothing else to do, lol.
     We had a huge celebration the day before Irene paid a visit. It was Mia's 5th birthday and our last child Steve graduated from college so we also celebrated this milestone. Aside from the tropical downpours proceeding the hurricane, we had a great time. I'll show you pics of a MAJOR project I did as party favors for the 25 kids attending the party. Here's a hint: it involves sewing!!!

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Audrey Frelx said...

Oh, Mary, I'm so glad your daughter and you -- both you and your family -- are okay!!! Thank God it wasn't any worse!!!

Your bows are lovely!!! You sure managed to keep yourself busy making all 20 of those!!! LOL!

Ummmm, trying to think of what favors you're making involving sewing... I give up! I'll check back later to find out! LOL!!!