Saturday, January 7, 2012

Time Heals

        Even though I posted this a few days ago I thought I'd share this with the folks at Pink Cricut since I was so pleased with how it turned out. Please bear with me since there is a story behind this card (isn't there always,lol):
      I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the New Year. I know I am! Unfortunately some people start off with all the bad luck right in the beginning. What astounds me is the way people accept the circumstances. Either they look at the glass half empty or accept things for the way they are and look at it half full.

     By now you are probably thinking what the heck is she talking about, lol. Before I show you the card I made let me explain the reason behind it. I live in a very small town and, like most small towns, there is the go to coffee hangout. It is owned by a wonderful couple couple who have added a deli and ice cream shop. It is so friendly and everyone cares about each other (for the most part!). Anyways the store was closed New Years day and the owners were preparing to watch the Patriots football game. They were making fondue to nibble on when he took the cover off the pot and it burst into flames catching his shirt on fire. As if that wasn't bad enough he tried to rush the pot out the kitchen door when he dropped the pot of burning peanut oil and it splashed on the floor and the flames raced up his shirt and burnt his face and burnt his arms and chest again! He suffered second and third degree burns.
     Now I bet you are asking yourself what does the glass half full/half empty have to do with this? When I finally saw his wife I was obviously concerned particularly about his eyes. She said the eye appointment went extremely well and that there would be no permanent damage to his eyesight. When I asked about his arms she said it was too early to tell if he would need skin grafts but "you know Mary, we can deal with anything. we thank God it wasn't any worse and are so thankful his eyesight is going to be okay. It will be a long haul 'til he is back at work but that's ok. I have a new appreciation for the work he puts in, now that I have to help fill in his time slot as well. It's been an eye opener for me as well."
     I made this card as soon as I found out about the accident and left it for him before I had a chance to speak with his wife. So, under the circumstances, what can you say in a card? How about Time Heals?
Simply, Get well soon
The outside of the envelope.
      I am using a lot of different supplies lately with my Imagine projects and I am just loving the more sophisticated look I am getting! For example I love adding these metal embellishments particularly with masculine cards. I also love using Tim Holtz folders with my cuttlebug. It all came together so well with the Imagine clock paper from The Heirloom cartridge as well as the solid green paper. The litte tag also was cut with the cuttlebug from the tag dies.Except for the sentiment, this would be a great design for a male birthday card. Thanks for listening to my long winded post. Do you have a tendency to look at that glass half full or half empty?


Audrey Frelx said...

Oh, Mary, your card is beautiful! And I'm soooo glad his injuries were no worse than he sustained -- because it could have been! I so understand what you mean by the glass being half-full!

How kind to make such a wonderful card; great people get blessings in so many ways and I'm sure your card was well received!

Hugs, my friend!

Carol said...

Fantastic card Mary, such a good sentiment in the circumstances. I do hope his burns heal well withour grafts. Please tell him and his family my thoughts are with them. Love the way you've photographed the card the texture of the mat really shows off the card well.

Yvette said...

Love the card! Welcome to Erica's Design Team :)

Liz said...

congrats on making Erica's DT!

Josie0602 said...

Wonderful card and I am sure it was so appreciated!!

Welcome to Erica's design team!
Your DT sister

Anonymous said...

Looks good!

Cori said...

This is such a pretty card.

I am also a new member of Erica's DT and I can't wait to get started! I am following your blog.

Can't wait to design with you!


Pink Cricut said...

I try to look at the glass half full- Thank you for this story- and the reminder to be thankful for every day, for every loved one, and for every thing we have. :) Beautiful card

Tiffany Leola Johnson~Koehn said...

Love the card!! Thanks for sharing the story behind it!! The Glass is always half full!!

Shelly Lynn said...

Great job on the card Mary! So sorry to hear what happened but very glad to hear that he is alive and there is no permanent damage to his eyesight. Their little coffee hangout sounds so cute and such a fun place to visit. I grew up in a small town and miss it sometimes. My thoughts and prayers are with him... praying for a quick recovery!!

DT Sis, Shelly Lynn