Sunday, May 27, 2012

Honoring Our Veterans

     Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of the first unofficial start to the summer, we forget what this week end is really all about. It's about the sacrifice our servicemen and their families make everyday. They are deployed without question leaving behind mothers, fathers, wives, children and a wide range of family members and countless friends. Some will never return while others return to us some what different. They have physical as well as emotional conflicts. Yet, when they are called to serve, they continue to go.
     To them, it is a calling. They certainly don't do it for the money or the fact they never stay too long in one place. They are always training and constantly on the move. This makes for a very different lifestyle than most of us would care to live. Yet with all that said, they do this to protect us. They do it to ensure our way of life. They do it because, with all the other choices in life, they feel it is their duty to serve.
     So, I salute the members of the Armed Services, no matter the branch, and thank you for your commitment. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed. You are always in our hearts and we owe you a debit of gratitude.
    Now, I have something special to share with you that truly brought tears to my eyes. As many of you know, I am a floral designer for a local florist. Friday morning we received a box filled with roses of all colors. We did not order them and thought there had been a huge mistake. There was no mistake. They had been sent to use as a gift from the California and Ecuadorean growers.We are to hand them out to Veterans and share at Memorial Day ceremonies. These are from the same growers that hand them out @ Arlington National Cemetery. This is  (I believe) the second year they are doing this. So, if you happen to be at one of these ceremonies and they are handing out roses, ask if they are from Diamond Roses. You can read more about this wonderful tradition on this website They hope to make this an annual tradition and get more communities involved all across the country.

     My boss is so brilliant! She contacted the Major in charge of a local J.R.O.T.C. They were beyond thrilled at the opportunity to pass these out. This is so gratifying to know that these young people will have the opportunity to do something special for their role models.
     I am not plugging this rose company however, with today's economy and some self absorbed companies, isn't it wonderful to hear about companies like this?
     I wish you all a memorable Memorial Day!



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