Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cricut VS Silhouette

     This is an exciting giveaway Erica has for you this week. Why not head over to her blog and take a look at all the wonderful prizes she is giving away. Can we just say Thank you Erica. She is always having great prizes over there. You can find out all about the prizes Here
      Today I am going to do something I don't usually do but here goes anyways. It has come to my attention that a group on facebook has posted a survey of sorts to ask you your opinion on the Cricut vs Silhouette die cut machines. The problem is that the question was posed to Silhouette uses and not Cricut uses. In fact, many of those commenting don't even own a Cricut machine!
     I will tell you up front that I have been hunting around for a sale on the Cameo Silhouette and really haven't found any. Then I was researching this machine and found it is a completely different type of machine in the mechanics of how the machine works.
     The one thing I did like about it is that you can print an image from your computer by way of your printer and in their software place registration marks and then cut with your Cameo.Sounds good right?
     Well when I really rationalized it, I realized several things:
1.I need a computer plus access to my printer
2.I need to research my images on line if I don't find what I want in their software
3. I need to have my computer plugged into the Cameo
4. I have to make sure I have enough supplies (extra blades, mats etc) because there are no stores near me that carry these supplies let alone the machine.
5. My craft room is in one end of the house while the computer is in another.
6. I don't always have use of the computer in the evening when my husband is doing his business on our shared computer.
     Why did I spend so much time looking for that pot of gold when I have it right here already, lol. I have the following Cricuts: the baby bug, Expression, the E2,Cricut Cake,gypsy and the Imagine. I don't even want to tell you how many carts I have! The ones I use constantly are my Gypsy and I just love my Imagine. If I think I am losing my Mojo all I have to do is go to a booklet and the creativity begins to flow. I can design where ever I am and then just go home, plug in my gypsy and Voila my project is done. If I need extra PC supplies, they are easily available to me @ Michaels, Jo Ann's and ACMoore. I also can find great prices on line @ stores like Erica's from My Cricut Craft Room or 
     My feeling is that competition is always good however it is better to promote the qualities of your product without bashing another brand particularly if they are completely different machines. For me, I am not the most technically expert person so the simplicity and ease of use makes me a devoted Cricut fan .Plus I have my craft room to work in without disrupting the house to use the computer when I want to craft.
     Thanks for listening to my feelings on the subject. Please feel free to add your own 2 cents on the matter. I'd love to hear what your feelings are.

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Audrey Frelx said...

LOL! Mary, I am perfectly happy with ALL my Cricut machines too! I don't have Silhouette or Cameo, can't afford either right now, have no place to put another machine, and I don't worry about it!!! Like you, I get whatever I need done with what I have (and haven't used all of that yet... lol!) So, I'm with you on this one!