Friday, November 16, 2012

Mickey Topsy Turvy Birthday Cake!

     Welcome to a surprise post for My Cricut Craft Room! I was so happy to see this pop up from Erica and just had to join in the fun!!! We could use any project we had, old or newly created but the main thing is: it has to feature the top Mouse himself .... Mickey. Boy do I have a project for you, lol.
     First I have to explain before I show you my project. Longgggggg  before there was a Cricut Cake, I started using my Cricut to "embellish" my cakes. It just so happens that my oldest grandson just plain loves cakes. Not just cakes but specifically Birthday cakes. I swear he dreams of them. The cake is always the highlight of the party {at least for him).
     He was having a Mickey party so of course I was delegated to make the cake. I love a challenge and thought I'd try my hand at a topsy turvy cake thinking he would get the biggest kick out of it. Here is what I came up with:
      It came out pretty cute but.......there was a major problem. You see I assembled it at my house and my husband held the tray in his lap while I drove to my daughters house. Ok, it is not what you are thinking! My husband was trying to hold it straight thinking the cake was sliding over. I tried to tell him it was an optical illusion that the layers were supposed to look like they were falling and that there was a dowel holding all the layers together. Did he listen to me ? Of course not! So as I am driving I am yelling at him to hold the cake straight which he of course said he was. Anyways you get the idea.
     This is what it looked like after we arrived. Not only is it leaning more than it was designed to, the back of the cake fell off! My grandson Mattie was horrified to see his cake "break" and went crying face first in the couch. This was not what I had planned after all this work. But just then I had an idea: what if it was supposed to do that? What if Mema had made Mattie an exploding cake? What if the cake had M&M's that burst out of the cake? While I through the candy in the backside of the cake, my daughter went to retrieve the Birthday boy. Now everyone caught wind of what had happened and stood around to see if by some miracle Matteo would by my story and the exploding cake. Everyone praised me for the most unusual, spectacular and surprising cake they had ever seen and Matteo must be the luckiest boy in the world to have a cake that spits out M&M's!
     Matteo is now 8 years old and makes sure that when I make all future cakes that none of them has an exploding component. He wants to be the only one to have the most talked about cake. Gotta love that kid, lol.
     I'll leave you with a few more pictures of the other Disney characters that were REALLY falling of the cake. I think they were all cut @ 4". I just taped them to toothpicks and placed them alone the outside edges. Hope you enjoyed my cake and my story!!!!


Kathy Salido said...

Adorable cake Mary and great save!! The best thing is you have a memory to last a lifetime :)

Teresa said...

I love that Mickey Mouse! And what a cute cake and I love your story! Thanks for sharing.

TeresaK said...

Love the story of your topsy turvey cake, Mary! I think it is adorable!

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