Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just Sew!

Give Them Something From the Heart This Valentine's Day - Buy a Cricut!
      Happy Valentines' Day and  welcome to another fun Theme Day@ My Cricut Craft Room! Today Erica asked us to use the theme "Just Do It" so I decided to showcase a craft I love and have the opportunity to pass on to my grand daughters: Sewing!!! For Christmas I bought my oldest 2 GD's their very own sewing machines so we spent some quality time learning how to use it. I decided to make a layout to capture this major milestone. (I think so anyways, lol).
Mia, Cecilia and Alexis

Just Do It!!!
     The above picture shows Mia with her machine and she was just too excited to learn. To make this lay out I started by making my own background paper by using the Imagine Cart Heirloom. This paper pattern can be found on page 10. I flood filled it but decided to trim all edges by 1/2" on all sides and adhered it to a solid background paper. What a fun paper to work with! Let me break down the elements I added.
     This frame is on the Imagine More cart on page 12. I print and cut @ 2.5" however I also separated the layers so I could use the spools of thread. The spools had to be resized to 3.5" since I wanted to use them separately and not just to layer on the frame.I also wrapped some thread around the spool to give it a realistic look. I also layered this on a chevron paper for the background. Just a word about the journaling, I always write it in pencil first and then go over with ink so I don't have to worry about making a mistake. After the ink is dry I just erase the pencil marks.
     These are the extra threads I added to fill some white space. The buttons are a Tim Holtz embellishment as well as the card with hooks.I love to add dimension to my projects so I added some satin braid and I-Rock studs to the corset.
     In order to balance out this page, I took some of the pics I had taken and used them as "buttons" to fill the top "white" space. I lovehow this looks and plan to use this on more future LO's. By the way, this is the sewing machine I bought my GD's. It's by Michey and is the perfect size and model for these girls. They are 6 and 8 years old and this is perfect for them!
      I thought this would be perfect for this page. The graphic is from Word Collage but I used the color palette from Heirloom so I knew it would match. The graphic was cut and printed @ 3".
     I never realized there were so many images to choose from on my Cricut carts, lol. This phrase is from Nursery Rhymes and I cut it @ 2.5" then added some Distress Inks. I also pulled out some of my button brads. How can you possibly sew without scissors?
     Oh look, there were some on Cricut Everyday cart!!! I cut all the layers with different colors and added a brad for the "screw" on the scissors. I think I cut these at 1.75".
    Well there you have it , I just immortalized my cuties with their first step into sewing!!! Cecilia is the youngest one but it looks like she was really taking it all in. What did they make you ask? Pants for their American Girl dolls of course and they did a fabulous job for the first time!
     That's all for my project for today. Be sure to hop back over to My Cricut Craft Room and see what other surprises we have for you. By the way: Happy Love Day!!!!!!
     You can see the machine they are using Michley LSS-505 Desktop Sewing Machine (Google Affiliate Ad)



Unknown said...

Mary- Love your layout!! so cute. How sweet that you can do this with your sweeties! Thanks for sharing...

Unknown said...

Very pretty! I love all the little details!

Donna K said...

Beautiful layout, Mary. I LOVE the thread accents so much. I'm happy to be a new follower and DT sister! Your work is amazing.