Sunday, July 7, 2013

Touch A Truck LayOut

Cover Photo 
     Welcome Ladies! I hope you all had a great 4th of July. Boy it sure is hot out! We jumped from a cold winter to a wet cold spring and now the heat is baking us, geez. If you just came from Pinque Peacock's Blog then you know I have a surprise element to share but, you'll have to wait 'til the last pic, lol.
     In honor of the Fourth I am doing a Red, White and Blue theme and these pics are fabulous to share with you. Our town recently had a fund raise and it was called Touch A Truck. The entrance fee was $5 or a maximum of $20/family. They had all kinds of trucks: fire engines, ambulances, garbage trucks, bulldozers, steam shovels, a police cruiser and even the portable dog grooming van! The children were allowed to climb in and really take a look, blast the sirens and turn on the lights. One of the trucks was a cement mixer and, since their grandfather works for the company, they just had to take a peek.
     What caught my eye was the graphics on the cement mixer "We Support Our Troops". I love when a company shows their Patriotism and also that this is year round, all the time, no matter what the job. I knew some how I would have to do my Patriotic duty and share it with you as well. What better time than our celebration of Freedom. Isn't this Pinque Peacock Layered Garden Beauty flower the best on this layout? 
     I happened to be @ Michaels looking for any stickers or embellishments with trucks when I spotted this rubber stamp. I thought this was perfect for this layout since we all took the time to enjoy this day. There was one problem. When I inked it some of the white pigment plopped itself where I did not want it to be. I really did not want to stamp another so I decided to go with the flow. I went with the stars that were on the truck and used some acryllic stars I had knowing that my PP button would be the highlight. It sure is!!!
     So I thought ok, this is not completely Patriotic but why not add some stripes with washi tape?Now I wanted to fill some blank space in the upper left hand corner so I used a Cuttlebug folder with stars. I used Don Juan for the font cut @ 1" shadow feature. I cut one set with white and one with blue and offset them when I glued them down.Are you ready for the whole layout?
      Look at those cuties driving the truck! Needless to say the kids had a blast (and so did we). Wait, I'm missing something!!! Remember I went to Michaels looking for some sort of truck embellishment? Well, I should have checked with Jessica @ Pinque Peacock first. Guess what she is working on....
     Yup, truck buttons! She even did a cement mixer one for me. You can find a collection of truck covered buttons in the "Dig This" section. NOW my layout is complete. So here is a tip for you: if you need something special for the perfect touch on your project check with The Pinque Peacock Store FIRST!!!!!! You can find the link HERE.
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     I hope you have a great week and stay cool out there.


TeresaK said...

This is a great layout, so fitting for this weekend of celebrating our great country! The PP products were perfect for making your layout pop! I LOVE LOVE LOVE The little special truck button! That Jess is something else!

scrapbookingforfun said...

Mary this 2 pager is super cute and so are the little guys in the trucks :))
Pinquette Shelley

Donna K said...

So cute Mary... loving the colors on this fun layout you created. Great memories for your family will be captured forever!!

An'Jenic G. said...

Mary this is such a fun and cute layout. I love the colors and the those pictures are so cute and perfect. TFS AJ-