Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our Own Food Network!

     Well, we had a lazy, rainy Saturday last weekend and there are only so many movies, and miniature golf to occupy your time. Both my son Steve and his girlfriend Renee love to cook. So, I suggested we make some homemade kielbasi and fresh pasta. While they went to the store to get some meats, I assembled the remaining ingredients and quickly made some plain macaroni.

     It didn't take long at all for her to learn to do the stuffing. ( I know she enjoyed this part better than the grinding of the meat, lol). Steve was busy loading the hopper while she guided the casing. It smelled unbelievably good! We made 10 lbs. now on to the pasta.
    Next up was making fresh sun dried tomato pasta. We finished it off with a wonderful pesto sauce. In just 4 hours we made the fresh sausage and pasta. Naturally we froze some and sent some back to school with them. Incidentally, the pasta attachment was a Mothers' Day gift  from Steve and my husband. Fran said "What does she want that for? She'll never use it". Wrong again dear!!!

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