Monday, February 28, 2011

Thoughts On The Academy Awards

     What happened to the good old days?  Years ago this was to the girls what the Super Bowl is to guys. The glitz, the glamor, the nervous anticipation among the nominees,  who shows up with whom, who will make the most heartfelt acceptance speech. That's not what happened last night.
     First there was all the buzz about the young hosts to attract a more youthful audience. Why? If you like movies, you're going to watch the Oscars to see if your favorite film won. Young, old, it doesn't matter. You'll watch if you like movies period. The young hosts spent more time whooping like at a sporting event than showing some respect to the winners. There were too many comments how the young ones are taking over. I believe one of the classiest actresses to appear last night was Natalie Portman. She appeared totally humbled by this honor and truly works hard at her craft. ( this was the only movie I saw "Black Swan").  Melissa Leo who dropped the "F" bomb almost seemed proud that it "slipped" out. Come on, she had already won at all the other major awards. You mean she had nothing prepared in case she won the most prestigious award of all?
     There also was some hype as to the direction some of the dresses the stars were going to wear  : vintage. Yes they talked about vintage, a throw back to the glamorous days of the golden age of Hollywood. Okay so I'm no spring chicken but I'm not an old prude either. Please tell me, except for a select few (including Anne Hathaway wearing Valentino) where were the vintage gowns? Any knock off vintage? All I saw were some fabulous fabrics with a futuristic, uniform type style. I love to look at the fashions. I love the sweeping flowing gowns that move with such flair, grace and that scream femininity. I love all the bling, sparkles and glitz. Speaking of glitz, where was Winston jewelers? The actresses are usually dripping in diamonds. Scarlett Johansen had a beautiful dress but could have used some help with the hair!
    I wish they had Michael Douglas accompany his dad Kirk Douglas to present the Best Supporting Actress Award. I love to see the two of them interact and think that would have been a great and touching duo. Kirk who is still recovering from his stroke and Michael who has just completed treatment for throat cancer. Now that would have created a memorable moment!
     Yes give me the not so long ago Academy Awards. When Billy Crystal emceed. When Sally Fields cried "You love me, you really really love me", when Hallie Berry gave a gut wrenching acceptance speech being the first African American Woman to win  Best Actress. Yes there had been black woman who had won best supporting actress: Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost and Oprah was nominated in 1985 for The Color Purple but Hallie was the First for Best Actress.   Give me a one hand push up like Jack Palance or who ever the actor was who climbed over the seats to get to the stage to accept his award. Who can forget how Hollywood behaved  with such dignity with the awards show post 9/11?
     There is always next year. Let's hope we learn how to define class, vintage, humor and acceptable behavior before then.

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