Friday, March 4, 2011

DCU Flower And Patio Show

     One of the categories in the show this year was to do a place setting depicting food. We are fortunate at the flower shop I work at to have a talented designer who is Japanese. She is the sweetest person and a very talented floral designer. Her entry is so creative!
     Here it is: Sushi!!! Believe it or not the outside "leaf" is actually ribbon. The baby's breathe simulates rice.
This is the top view. Sure does look like a sushi roll to me, lol.
This is the table setting representing the different sauces. In the foreground you may notice a green ball. This is the wasabi!
Here is the close up of the "sauces". Notice the chopsticks. She even had bamboo placemats. I told you she is talented!!!
I'll be back tomorrow to show what the boss did. Let me just say her category was all about texture and hers involved mud!!!

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