Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gypsy and Imagine Update

     Once again I did it. I started the update using Mozilla Firefox, got most of the update done, and then nothing!It seemed to be stuck on the part where you update the gypsy imagine content.After about 90 min. I decided to shut everything down and then my gypsy would not shut off!
     So I left it on until the battery wore down (decided it was better to wear it down rather than myself, lol). So this morning I tried to remember what I had done the last time to get this thing to update and it hit me. When the very first update came out I had the same problem and finally decided to switch servers and used Internet Explorer.
     Sure enough, it worked! I followed the time frame Chris at Provo Craft recommended ( under his update at cricut.com). Even though the gypsy says "Do Not Unplug" after a certain amount of time, I did unplug the gypsy from the computer then plugged it back in and it just continued with the update. I had to do this several times to complete the update and was so excited when it said to restart the gypsy. Whenever I get this message I feel I am on the right track.
     As soon I turned it back on there was the icon for the Imagine!! I hope this helps someone else and next time there is an update I hope I remember to start with Explorer first and not Firefox..

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