Sunday, April 10, 2011

Copics class

     Well I think I'm finally getting the hang of this! For those of you who follow me regularly you know I love taking on line classes to learn all the latest and greatest in crafting. Simply Scrapping has a fantastic course on use these alcohol based markers. It's one of the most challenging courses I have taken yet. Its a lot like watercolor but using a marker like a brush. The on line teacher is a certified Copic Instructor although the course I am taking is not for certification. Let me tell you she is tough. That being said, I guess it is all about learning from your mistakes. Anyway I am felling a lot me comfortable now.
     I just thought I'd share my last attempt at my class. It's all about shading and light source as well as mastering 3 separate techniques. The original method, tip to tip and modified feathering. Are you impressed yet, lol?
     The only problem with this is you have to REALLY think about what you are doing.
     The wonderful thing about on line classes are that they are self paced and they give you up to 6 months to complete this class so if something comes up not to worry you have plenty of time to finish.
     The reason I jumped into this one so fast is that I have another class from My Creative Classroom starting this week with Donna Salazar. Her class (Artsy Fartsy II) was suppose to start last month but some supplies for the class were back ordered. So instead of starting March 12 it's starting April 13th and runs for 6 weeks.
     I love to devote my time to these classes without feeling rushed so it is great that there was a delay in Donna's class so I could get my feet wet in the copics class. Oh by the way Simply Scrapping has several great challenges going on so I'll be entering a few of these. Boy are the creative juices flowing! Just add a comment if you'd like more info about the links for these classes. Let the creativity continue!!!

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