Monday, October 10, 2011

Fabric Flowers

     I have so many projects to share but so little time. That's the story of my life,lol. Just a quick update, my mom is still in rehab but comes home Wednesday which is not soon enough for her. In the meantime I have made her new curtains from material she has had sitting around forever! I also had a chance to mat and frame some of her wedding photos to hang in her bedroom. She will be so surprised.
     Anyways, a while back when I was making all those aprons, I had a pile of scraps. (You know how I hate scraps)! I had decided they would make cute flowers for headbands.
     First off I used spray starch on both the front and backside of the fabric. I know all the directions say to use an iron on interfacing but with small scraps that would be pretty tough. I thought if I sprayed it it just might be stiff enough to go through my Sizzix machine. I used Tim Holtz Tattered flowers and it went thru without a hitch.
     Sorry but I forgot to take a picture of the next step. I sprayed the flowers with Beacon's Stiffen Stuff  and then while it was still wet I scrunched them up to give them a ruffled petal look. Once they were dry I layered about 8 layers to get a nice fluffy flower and added a brad to the center for a little bling. The mix and match patterns made some great flower patterns. All I had to do was to use some Beacon's 3 in 1 craft glue to adhere them to the headbands. If you haven't used this glue before I highly recommend it. It grabs quick and dries fast.

     As you can see they match the apron. Hope you enjoyed this quick post. Promise I'll be back shortly with some elegant Thanksgiving Day cards. If you can't wait for the post you can see them in my etsy store.


Audrey Frelx said...

Oh, Mary! These are soooo lovely!!! And the little cutie looks amazing beautiful in the headbands!!!

I use spray starch in my paper flowers too, it does an amazing job stiffening them up just right!

Audrey Frelx said...

Hey, Mary!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! Just dropped in the say that and hi!!!

Sheila said...

Hi Mary - England Calling,

Your flower ideas are perfect - my little Granddaughter would love a hairband like this, so I'm off to have a try.
Just a note for you though. At the moment in England we have the dickens of a job getting anything to stiffen fabric.
We used to be able to get a product called Stiffy but now that is unavailable. I need to stiffen my crochet so it is rigid and have found that EVO-STIK WEATHERPROOF WOOD ADHESIVE works a treat.You have to make it up diluted 3 parts glue to 1 of water and then dip the material and make it the shape you need. It dries stiff and clear.
Perhaps, if you do anything like this in the future, you could mention the glue - just for us poor Brits. :0)