Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First Communion Cake

     I thought you might be curious as to how the First Communion for Matteo went. Well, it was awesome. It was wonderful to see the children so beautifully dressed up. The boys in their suit and ties and of course, the girls looking like little ladies. The children did a fantastic job and each had their own special part in the ceremony.
      Here is Matteo doing the first reading with Father Bill. He did a great job but I wouldn't have expected any less since he really is a great reader. (He wants to be an Author and Illustrator when he grows up).
     After Church we went back to the house to celebrate.
     I know that all children like cake but, Mattie LOVES cakes. He told me he wanted a stacked cake so I did 2 layers of yellow cake and 2 of chocolate. His little sister Cecilia has an extreme allergy to milk, butter, casein and whey so it makes it hard to make a dessert that is frosted and uses no butter. Thank God for the internet since I came across a recipe for wedding frosting that uses imitation butter extract and, rather than use clear vanilla, I used Almond extract. It was fantastic!
     I decided to try my Cricut cake machine again but this time I read all kinds to tips on line.The main tip was to freeze the fondant on your mat for a few minutes before cutting. Then after cutting, if you have trouble removing the pieces, to pop it back in the freezer for a few minutes before removing them. Success!!!! I also learned to roll the fondant really thin. I think when I tried it before my pressure was too high and the fondant was just a little too thick.You want the pressure at medium and a faster speed also helps.
     I used the Martha Stewart Elegant Cakes cart for the border. I think the cut resembles a little cross in the center of the scalloped circle. I even decided to use the little "crosses" to add to the layers. This was cut all out of fondant.
     Wow, I had a lot of little crosses, lol. In order to transport the cake I had to put a dowel down the center so I made a "Host" out of gumpaste to cover the hole. I had wanted to try making a cross for the topper but I just ran out of time.
     Of course, being a Floral designer, no party is complete without centerpieces, right? this is what I came up with:
     I used a 4" cube and cut a cross out of white vinyl to add to the front. I believe it was Indie Art and cut @ 2'. Then I used some blue water beads and a waterproof light. Everything was topped off with a white gerber daisy. This was so simple yet elegant. Not too girlie but just right to set the atmosphere for this big day.
     The crosses are now available for purchase here:
     I don't think there is a project that wouldn't benefit from using my Cricut, lol. Blessings to you all!!!


Lisa said...

Beautiful job. I keep toying with buying a Cricut Cake but, it seems difficult. You rocked it. Love the flower arrangements too!


Tracy said...

I love ur cake =)