Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kiss Me I'm Irish!

This My Time Made Easy template from Lauren Meader is called In A Pinch. Isn't this just the cutest "box"? I have been putting off downloading this for a while. Why? lol. Look quickly 'cuz these cute little packages are off to Florida in the morning. Inside are neatly wrapped Tee shirts for my grandson and darling grand daughter! You read that right- there are tee shirts inside! Nicks' says Patrick was a saint I ain't and Alexis' says something to the effect of having Italian attitude!! I just know they are going to love them since my daughter-in-law is Irish and my son is mostly Italian. See how easy they are. Just a little cardstock, cheap stamps from M's , ribbon and scrap pieces of paper. These are so easy I can think of tons of projects with this template. Lauren also has digi papers to download and now has stamps that coordinate with the templates and papers. What a no brainer for some one who wants be crafty but doesn't know where to start. Lauren has made it soooo easy!

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