Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yudu Tips And Tricks Part 2

      Welcome back! Some day I'll learn how to do this right, lol. Okay so this was my first screen. What a mess!!!! This is what happens when you use wayyy too much water. The emulsion stuck alright but, when I squeegeed it to remove the water it was so wet it had the emulsion dripping off!! At first I was going to chuck the whole thing but since I had my design set and knew I only needed a small area to burn I decided to salvage it. I'm so glad I did. All the white areas you see on the left of my swirl is where I lost the emulsion from too wet of a screen. You can see why I showed you my second screen with the candy on it first. I am still learning the ins and outs of this great machine. If I was just doing a single color, and, this was my only screen I would not have been able to use it. I am just saying to use caution as to the amount of water you use!
     Some final observations. If you are doing multiple projects of the same design you just just keep your burned screen. You will wash off your screen with the emulsion remover when you no longer need that design. I made 7 t-shirts with the same design but used different colors on 2 of the shirts. In order for it to go quickly I do have 2 extra plantens. You will have to wash the screens to remove the ink if you are changing colors and make sure you dry them well in the Yudu dryer before using again. Also at first it seemed like a long process but if you do your design and burn your screen you can silk screen your project whenever you feel comfortable.

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