Monday, March 21, 2011

New Safety Guidelines

     What are they thinking? The news report from the Academy of Pediatrics just issued their new guidelines for car seat safety. Okay, I'm all for car safety. I am even in favor of booster seats and the fact that you cannot ride in the front seat until age 11 years, but what are they thinking or rather not thinking with these new guidelines.
     In case you haven't heard, the Academy is recommending that infants and toddlers are placed in rear facing car seats until age 2 years. Really? Are they serious? If you look at the average 1-2 year olds, they are tall. Most parents can't wait to put their little ones facing front mainly because their poor little legs are scrunched against the back seat.
     How is this going to work? Are we going to have to have car manufacturers cut cubbies in the seat backs so the kids can stretch out their legs? If their legs are scrunched up against the seat, and you do get in an accident, don't they risk feet, leg and hip injuries?
     Another recommendation is that up to age 13 the kids should ride in the back seat and not the front. There was no explanation as to why. I know some 11 year olds that are taller than me! (and I'm the driver!).
     While it is important to safe guard our children when we travel, we should be realistic as to if it is feasible to carry out these guidelines and if we would be putting them at even more risk. Just saying.

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i'm with you!