Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentines' Day!

     Happy Monday! You know what that means, it's time to use either your Imagine, E2 or the Cricut Craft Room. Well, since my husband gave me a HUGE Valentines' Day project to do, I used both my Imagine and the CCR.
     My husband is a tool salesman and is in and out of garages all day long. He wanted to offer a package his customers could give their wives, mothers or girl friends for Luv Day. All I had to do was make a simple card and tag to package them up with. No problem I say until he told me he needed 50 of them! Are you serious, 50, in less than a week? I'm a floral designer, my busiest day. How on earth am I going to pull this off you say?
     Easy, with a little help from my Imagine and the CCR.
     He wanted something very simple, nothing cutesy so we decided on Kraft card stock for the base. I used Art Philosophy and the card feature on page 69 @ 5.50". I used a 12x12" sheet of paper so I was able to cut 2 cards on the same page. Then I cut the solid heart out of red @ 2.75 and the layer in cream @ 2.5. They were so easy to put together since I just traced the open heart with a pencil and adhered the heart in place. I used the score marks on the card to lace some ribbon through and tie in a bow.
     I thought it would be too time consuming to use a stamp on all those tags so I turned to the CCR. I first chose the V-Day sentiment from MS Seasonal Cake Art and placed it on the screen. I added a second mat layer to place a tag from Fabulous Finds. This made it easy to size the sentiment in just the right place on the mat. After some copy and pasting, I was able to fit 18 tags on an 8 1/2 x 11" pieces of red card stock.

     I am so glad I used separate layers. You can combine them on the same page however, I discovered that by using them separate I could chose whether to cut, print or both. The first time I chose cut and it was not too successful since it cut everything. The red sentiment was usable but since I did not weld the tag was not.
     Above you see where I used one mat and printed out the sentiment.
     After they were printed I went back and chose the label mat I had made and so I was able to just cut the label. This was helpful so I could also cut more labels to glue my cut sentiments to. (Waste not want not, lol).
     This is the printed label. I just went back and added some faux stitching with a white pen.
     I also cut a 3" heart tag on the same page on Art Philosophy. One cut was with the heart and the red base on solid card stock. Added just a cute heart charm and they were done! I actually wound up doing 60! Bet you would love to see what is inside:
   That's right ladies: pink socks, folding scissors and a chocolate rose pop! Don't laugh, the socks are really comfortable. They got 1 pair each of the low, crew and mid calf socks. I would have loved to make a frilly card but these guys are down to earth and really didn't want to spend a fortune on flowers. They are really practical guys!!!
     I really hope you will try the Cricut Craft Room (CCR). I was intimidated at first but found it a real time saver to finish this project. Now please go back to and see what the rest of the design Team has to show you.


Marji said...

This is a great project and interesting gifts, not sure how I'd feel to get socks for Valentines' day but it's the thought that counts and I think your hunny should get extra points for thinking of this for his guys.
P.S. do you have good luck cutting such tiny phrases? My machine eats them up, is that why you printed instead of cutting them?
Also, email me your address, you gave me a tip on my scrapbook page, I'll be finishing it up and posting it on Tuesday, I need to mail your goodie to you :)

Audrey Frelx said...

Mary, I think you did a fantastic job and I'm sure your hubby should be quite pleased!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit and check on me! I'm feeling much better although a bit slow, but I'm so happy to back to blogging and all of you I've missed so much!

I'll be back, of course, to see more of what you've been up to but wanted to get by to say "hi" and, again, thanks for your concern!

Hugs, my beautiful friend!

Janet's Planet said...

love it! I think socks are great, especially this time of the year!

Liz said...

Great project and actually made the CCR seem a little less intimidating

Doris P. said...

I would love socks -especially when they are cutsy... love your card and tag! -dt sis Doris