Monday, January 14, 2013

My New Venture-Wickless Candles!

     I just had to share my new business venture: Scentsy. I had such great luck with my Velata business that I decided to jump into their fragrance line as well! I thought I'd explain a bit as well as share with you the pleasures and "opening" day.
     In case you haven't heard about Scentsy let me enlighten you somewhat. This company has a direct sales concept which means, you order directly from a consultant (that's me, lol) and they ship directly to you as the host of a party. They sell a wickless wax "candle" and warmers that are melted with the aid of a light bulb.You read that correctly, with a light bulb, not a flame candle. This makes them safe for use in college dorms, nursing homes etc. While the light bulb melts the wax it does not get overly hot so you don't have to worry about getting burned on hot wax.
     Above is an example of just one of the full size warmers. There are so many different styles to choose from to fit any decor.
     There are even smaller ones that are perfect for the bedroom or bath. Again there are many styles to chose from. Below is what the fragrance pack looks like:
     This happens to be one of my favorites! The wax cubes come 9 to a block. One block /cube lasts for up to 8 hours. Unlike regular candles, with these you have the same great scent every time you add or replace a cube. How cool is that. I hate when I burn a candle and it starts out smelling super but the scent doesn't last to the end of the jar. Another plus is that I am not stuck with the same scent until the candle is gone but can change it up depending on my mood.


     Another great thing about this company is the promotions they have. Each month they have a charity cause warmer. They have had them for Special Olympics, Breast Cancer, Autism etc. They do have one coming out for Alzheimer's as well so you will want to pay close attention when I post the cause of the month. We also carry warmers for various colleges. Want to see if yours is among them? You can check it out HERE .
     I thought I'd let you share in my enthusiasm on the day my kit arrived. It happened to be a day when my grandchildren were here. (Their mother also sells Scentsy). Here we go.....

The enthusiasm is contagious!!!

I see a warmer!

Yeah, a Scentsy Buddie for baby. How cool is this?

Catalogs, order forms, extra light bulbs, scent pack, fragrance bars....

Sample scents, all 87 of them!

CeCe's turn to hold the Scentsy Buddie, lol. They were so excited it was the Penny The Pig!

     So there you have it my starter kit! If you don't have a consultant yet or would like to learn more, just leave me your email or you can order directly from my open party HERE.
     Best of all there is a special this month where if you book and close a party of $150.00 or more before Jan. 31st you can purchase double the rewards for half off. That means you can buy warmers for more rooms in your house, yeah!!!!  Do you know who deserves this for V-Day?

     Thanks for stopping by today. I'm giving my craft room a make over. Wish me luck!!!!

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TeresaK said...

Mary, best wishes on this exciting new venture! You mentioned changing scents whenever you wanted. Can you tell me how you get the melted block out of the burner to change scents?
Is it easy to pop out to change?
Thanks and good luck!