Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Best Hand Made Soap Ever!

  Since the weather here has been so cold and dreary lately and since I have several gift occasions coming up (thank you's, house warmings, and just thinking of you gifts) I decided to make some home made gifts. OMG! My cyber friend Audrey had this recipe for home made soap so I thought I'd give it a try. This is so wonderful and easy to make. You can find the recipe here:
     Not only was it fun to make, it made the house smell wonderful! I decided to package up the first bottle as a Thank you for a friend of my daughters. I watch 3 of my grand children 2 days a week. The oldest one is in school so I have to drop him off in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon. The morning isn't bad because it's a drive through however, in the p.m. you have to go into the school to retrieve him. It's not bad but in the beginning of the year the baby was still in an infant carrier so it just killed my back. This kind lady offered to get Mattie so I wouldn't have to take the other 2 inside. I jumped at the chance since this winter was so brutal it certainly made my life easier. Anyway I wanted to give her a small token of my appreciation so, what better way than a nice personal gift.
     Audrey's recipe gives you the option of adding fragrant or not (it really doesn't need it) but I had some soap fragrances so I did add some. This particular one has an almond fragrance but some have a Lily of the Valley essence. I also added a silk flower stem to the bottle while filling it. After i hand wrote this tag I found a stash of Wilton tags that you can print on the computer so the others have a printed tag. I added a nice sheer fabric to the bottle top and decorated with silk flower.
     Now that I have my Imagine back, I made a Thank You card using Lori's Garden. The background paper is also done on the Imagine using Imagine More cart. ( Hint, I used this pattern on the wedding invitations I am dying to show you, lol).
     Finally I put it all together in a cute little gift bag. (or so I thought!). I had picked up a package of 12 bags for $1 @ the dollar store. They are so flimsy. I make much better ones using my cricut and my own card stock. Somethings you just shouldn't skimp on, lol.
     As a side note: I had a little soap left over but not enough to fill a bottle so I put some in a heart dish near my sink. When my grandson saw it he asked to try some. He must have washed his hands ten times just so he could use the soap. His verdict: "wow Mema this soap makes your hands so soft and it smells so good !". He actually asked to take a bottle home. Looks like I'll be making more soap in the future. Gotta love those 7 year olds!!!

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Audrey Frelx said...

Oh, Mary!!! How wonderful!!! I'm so glad you made the soap and you've packaged it so beautifully!!! What great timing to get here in time to see this post!!!

Thanks so much for the acknowledgment too, my friend!!!